Review Policy

I’m a student with a passion for good books, good food, and good humor. I read voraciously and my mission here is to spread the word about great books and share them with others.

I review on a scale of one to five stars, five being the highest. I try not to give negative reviews. If I dislike something so much that I wouldn’t rate it, chances are you won’t see it here.

I encourage you to email me if you are interested in having me participate in promotional activities such as author interviews and reviews, but before you do please take a look at the following:

I read nearly everything from comics and young adult fantasy to non-fiction and the occasional biography or memoir. I am open to many different genres, but as a rule, I do not care for romance novels (books that feature romance as the main plot). Some paranormal romance is fine if the romance is a side plot. I do not read self-help books, motivational, or Christian fiction. I love to let everyone know about obscure works when I believe that they merit it and I am open to self published novels and e-book ARCs.

Giving me a time period in which you would like me to read and review your work is fine, but please allow at least a week as I do have classes and real life stuff going on.

You can contact me at

FTC DISCLAIMER:  All opinions posted on this blog are strictly mine. Books reviewed are either purchased by myself or provided by the  author or publisher. I am under no obligation to present anything but my honest feelings on these novels. I receive no monetary compensation for anything  written on this blog. Any giveaways are provided by Black Cat Lit, the author, or the publisher. Black Cat Lit is not responsible for any views the author or publisher may share in an interview on this site. Giveaways are void where prohibited by law. Chances of winning are based on the number of applicants. A random winner is drawn when a book is given away.


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