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Hollywood and the popular press would have us believe that all dinosaurs are gigantic, hostile and untameable. In fact, there are many species that make charming and even useful companions. From the city apartment dweller looking for a pet to the country estate owner looking to tighten up on security, this book proves there is a dinosaur for everyone.

How to Keep Dinosaurs is packed with the sort of information keen dinosaur-keepers crave – from feeding and housing to curing common ailments, breeding and showing your animal. It will even tell you where you can purchase your new pet. We begin with a delightful selection of dinosaurs for the beginner before moving on to more challenging animals should you decide that size matters.

This satirical look at dinosaurs disguised as a non-fiction guide is recommended for ages 9 to 12, but older kids and adults will love its irreverent humor. The illustrations are a mix of photography and art and include pages full of pictures of dinosaurs in domestic situations – a group of Microraptors getting into cereal boxes and playing tug-of-war with someone’s underwear, a Composognathus in a litter box, and a Stegoceras on a golf course, for example. The text tells you everything from how to tack up an Orinthomimus for a ride to how Velociraptors are well-suited for the police force that needs to get its man. The dinosaurs’ physical descriptions give scientific facts, and the artwork represents them accurately – except for, you know, the litter boxes and whatnot.

Anyone who loves dinosaurs would love this wonderfully illustrated and funny book. And doesn’t wish they could have a pet dinosaur?

5 out of 5 stars – highly recommended