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Imagine that you are all alone in the sleeping city. It is very late at night.

As you walk along the streets in darkness, the most familiar objects and places seem different – mysterious, eerie, even frightening. Half-remembered stories, urban legends about inexplicable happenings come to mind.

Award – winning painter Stephen T. Johnson takes readers on a nocturnal adventure, a journey to the place where reality and illusion intersect.

I love, love, love this book. It is recommended for all ages, and the the artwork is stunningly beautiful. The text is spare – one or two sentences each page. The captions bring a new angle to each haunting picture – “A Peculiar Painting – The frame could not contain its inhabitants”, “The Fog – As it lingered by the ancient cathedral, singing began”, “The Leaves – There was no wind”. The colors are mostly muted blues and greens, which give an alien-like feel to the work. The subject matter springs from mankind’s ages old fear with and fascination of the dark.

From the cover illustration of a pterodactyl swooping over a glowing city skyline to the last page featuring a reptilian beast slithering into a manhole, this book is a shivery treat for the eyes. Anyone who likes off-kilter art that blends reality with the unknown will enjoy this.

5 out of 5 stars – brilliant