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Danny’s father takes a job as caretaker at a marina on the shore of a frozen lake in a remote Canadian town.

It’s the worst winter the tiny town has seen in years. One freezing night, running in the dark, Danny is attacked by a creature so strange and terrifying that he tries to convince himself it was a hallucination. Then he learns about the Native American legends of a monster that has haunted the lake for a thousand years. Every generation, in the coldest winters, children disappear into the night. Everyone thinks they ran away.

Danny knows better. Because now the beast is coming for him.

In this supernatural thriller, Danny and his friend Howie are chased down and stung by a horrifying, huge beast. Now they are infected and running out of time as nightmares of the creature begin to stalk them. Soon, they will be compelled to wander out into the frozen tundra and give themselves up to the monster.

Danny decides to fight, with the help of his friends Howie, Pike, and Ash. Pike is a walking encyclopedia of weaponry, and soon the kids have an array of ammo and stolen dynamite to take the monster on with.

The book starts out fast (with Pike setting fire to a convenience store) and the pace never lets up. All of the characters have enough dimension and backstory to make them well-fleshed out and relatable. There is also a sideplot about Danny coming to terms with his mother’s death and growing closer to his father. But the focus of the story is always the horror, and the suspense builds as the creature’s infection rages through Danny and his body grows colder and colder. Teens who like suspense and horror novels will enjoy Bonechiller.

4 out of 5 stars – excellent